28 July 2012
Festival weekend with Ulrich Seidl

This year, the festival programme includes a retrospective of works by an acclaimed screenwriter and director, one of the most uncompromising voices in the contemporary international  cinema - Ulrich Seidl. His debut feature movie Dog Days (HEL5: 27 July, 10 pm), featured in the main competition at the 2nd New Horizons IFF, received a special jury award in Venice . His second feature was part of the main competition at the 7th New Horizons IFF.

In this section of the festival you can also watch such outstanding documents as: Jesus, You Know (HEL5: 29th of July, 1 P.M.). One of the main attractions is the the newest film from Siedl, Paradise: Love. The "Paradise" stands for seashore spas in Kenya, where middle-aged European women travel in search for so called "beach boys", young Africans, who fulfil sexual fantasies for money. For Teresa, single mother of a teenage daughter, it seems to be the perfect place for her 50th birthday. She has no doubt about it and flies out to Kenya hoping to find love and the most exciting sex story of her life. Reality turns out to be far from perfect though. She wanders the trip through, going from beach to beach, from one black lover to another, and finds nothing but disappointment. While losing her sensibility and hopes, she eventually finds out that the beaches of Kenya are rather an undercover red light district, than heaven on earth. Screenings of

Paradise: Love is scheduled for the 28th of July at 4:15 P.M. (HEL 9).

The film's distribution is handled by Against Gravity.

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