Programme 2012
HELIOS CINEMA New Horizons - The Happy End

Shows of films by: Kennetha Angera, Zapruder Filmmakergroup, Maiko Endo, Christophera Maclaine'a, Khvana de la Cruza, Davide Manuliego and other directors.

Film programme curator: Ewa Szabłowska

The End included in the programme of 12th New Horizons is an apocalypse presenting ends of the world/worlds alternative to the popular cinema. The creators of the experimental films both contest and enter into a dialogue with the canonic images of the B-class cinema that created a specific ABC of the end of the world: Armageddon, Apocalypse, Anarchy, Downfall, Decadence, Decline, Nihilism, Nihilistic, Prophecies, Premonitions, No Future and No Tomorrow, Eternity, No Time, Extremity, Breakdown, The End, Extermination or Salvation - in the literal and metaphorical sense, treated as stops and orientation points on the way to the happy end. After all, Happy Ending is the most beloved film illusion and figure used in the narrative cinema. Can the world finish with a 'happy ending'? Is every end a reflection of the end of the world? Do the ends of our private micro worlds have influence on the shrinking of the macro world? How many (film) ends of the world are possible? And last but not least - won't there really be any other end of the world?

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