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dir. Andrei Gryazev / Russia 2012 / 90’
subtitles: Polish and English


Oleg Vorotnikov, Natalia Sokol, Leonid Nikolaev, Kasper Vorotnikov

Film description

What is the most efficient technique for overturning a police car? Is it better to begin with a gentle rocking or rather attempt a sideways levering maneuver? These and other questions are just the type that Russian anarchist art collective Voina (War) enjoy tackling in their brazen urban performances. Provocation and diversion are the guerrilla artists’ weapons of choice in their contestation of Russia’s authoritarian and corrupt political system. Voina has made headlines both in Russia and in foreign artistic circles. This year, they will be co-curators of the Berlinale. Rising success may make it easy forget that Voina’s art exists on the street, outside the art world’s usually safe confines – their initiatives have resulted in indictments, jail time, and international arrest warrants for the collective’s members. Andrey Gryazev’s documentary is a chronicle of several months in the group’s activities, creative process and daily lives. It is a phenomenal portrayal of artistic determination to fight against oppression and openly advocate the rejection of the material trappings of both convenience and authority.

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska

Information about director

Andrei Gryazev

Andrey Gryazev was born in Moscow, in 1982. His first passion was professional figure skating, a discipline in which he competed internationally. After studying editing at the First National School of Television in Moscow, he moved on to directing and screenwriting under the mentorship of Andrei Gerasimov and Andrei Dobrovolsky. Following a number of short works, Tomorrow is his feature-length documentary debut.


2008 Street-Cleaner SP (doc., short)

2009 Lednikoviy Period / Ice Age (short)

2009 Sanya i vorobey / Sanya and Sparrow (doc, med.)

2010 Den Shakhtera / Miner’s Day (doc., med.)

2012 Jutro / Zavtra / Tomorrow (doc.)

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska


director: Andrei Gryazev
screenplay: Andrei Gryazev
cinematography: Andrei Gryazev
editing: Andrei Gryazev
cast: Oleg Vorotnikov, Natalia Sokol, Leonid Nikolaev, Kasper Vorotnikov
producer: Andrei Gryazev
production: Andrei Gryazev
sales: Rise And Shine Worls Sales UG
language: Russian
colouration: colour
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