Hanne HukkelbergHanne Hukkelberg
23 July 2012
Hanne Hukelberg's Norwich tenderness

Hanne Hukkelberg will open this week's New Horizons music scene. This exceptionally talented multi-instrumentalist will perform today, on the 23rd of July, at 10 P.M.. As always, the concert will be followed by DJ Night, this time served by Wrocław's duo Przaśnik.

The best way to describe Hanne Hukkelberg's is 'personal', as the songs are difficult to unequivocally pigeonhole and nimbly escape all attempts of categorization. Hanne started trying to sing and play various instruments at age of three. As a teenager, she became the voice of the doom-metal band Funeral, to later try her hand at various genres, including improvisation, metal, jazz, rock and pop. These extensive experiences and their skillful exploitation made Hukkelberg a multifaceted vocalist, composer and multi-instrumentalist. Her consciously chosen path of total artistic freedom allows this original artist to freely jump between genres. Her album debut, Little Things, is a collection of bold and eccentric songs, which is followed by Rykestrasse 68 - a disc surprising for its warmth and lyricalness, while the next album, Blood From a Stone, explores the realms of indie rock, treading trails previously blazed by the likes of Cocteau Twins, Pixies, PJ Harvey and Sonic Youth. It is this very unconventional approach to pop, jazz and art rock that has garnered Hukkelberg worldwide acclaim.  Hanne will perform in Arsenal at 10 P.M..

Later on today the audience will enjoy partying the whole night over. This time, DJ Night will be hosted by Przaśnik – dj & producer duo from Wrocław. They have been cooperating with artist from all over the world. Their music consists of a lot of oldschool sounds including: funk, jazzfunk, dancefloor jazz, nu-jazz and golden era hip-hop as well. DJ Night starts at midnight and ends early in the morning.

Peaches – one of the most provocative and shocking artists of the popculture scene, will also perform on the Festival Club Arsenal music scene. CocoRosie, nu-metal inventors – Senser, Ballady I Romanse with Igor Boxxand Daniel Bloom with guests and of course winners of the Zrób Głośniej! Contest: Orange The Juice and Bubble Chamber will provide us a diverse and attractive week of live acts.

Tickets are available at www.nowehoryzonty.plwww.ticketpro.pl, Festival Centre (Pl. Teatralny 4) and at the gates of Festival Club. Go to www.nowehoryzonty.pl and www.facebook.com/NoweHoryzontyArsenal for more details about our music scene.

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