Outer Space dir. Peter TscherkasskyOuter Space dir. Peter Tscherkassky
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06 June 2012
Avant-garde cinema by Peter Tscherkassky and Eve Heller at the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF

The main guest and the hero of the retrospectives of the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival (19 - 29 July, Wrocław) will be Peter Tscherkassky -an Austrian avant-garde filmmaker who works exclusively with found footage - creator of compilation works edited from the already existing audiovisual materials, as well as a curator of exhibitions and festivals, a lecturer and the author of numerous publications about the avant-garde cinema.

The multidimensional and complex works of Tscherkassky are presented on numerous international festivals and in various prestigious art galleries. All of his work is done manually, with the use of traditional montage method - on the editing desk and in the darkroom. In its sheer filmic materiality his professional activity may seem to be an anachronism in a time of hype about new technological modes. Yet, Tscherkassky, strictly working in film as he has done for over two decades, continues to employ celluloid as a singular material for editing experiments with which he investigates the aesthetic limits of the cinematographic image.

Tscherkassky is one of the most important artists in the contemporary avant-garde cinema. In his work, the artist combines a lot of motives important for the Austrian avant-garde - the interest in the celluloid, using found footage, repetitiveness. In his effective films shot in the expensive wide-screen technique rarely used in the avant-garde cinema the represented the world is inseparably connected with the carrier on which it exists. This has been shown in his most famous work Outer Space, where the horror of a young woman trapped in a deserted house extends to the film tape - the image begins to flash and splinter violently deforming the tape, as if playing a part of a psychopath.

The audience in Wrocław will also have pleasure to watch the films of an American artist connected with the Vienna film entourage - Eve Heller. The found footage films compiled of the already existing audiovisual materials present the specific properties of the black and white 16 mm tape (yet, the director works also with a colour tape- e.g. in Ruby Skin). Creating the surprising metaphors, and poetical, sleepy images, the artist uses flash lights, double exposition or grain magnified with the use of optical printer. The subject matter of films continues to be a source of inspiration for Eve Heller.

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