Programme 2012

Labyrinth dir. Jim HensonLabyrinth dir. Jim Henson
Re-mixed. From the Stage to the Screen

David Bowie as the Goblin king in the fantasy classic Labyrinth (1986) directed by Jim Henson, Mick Jagger in the decadent crime film Performance (1970, dir. Nicholas Roeg, Donald Cammell). Moby, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop and Alex Lifeson (from the band Rush) in the vampire comedy Suck (2009, dir. Rob Stefaniuk). Sting in the cult classic Quadrophenia (1979, dir. Frank Roddam) about a mod gang, with a legendary soundtrack by The Who, Tupac in his final role (with Tim Roth) in the comedy-drama Gridlock'd (1997, dir. Vonnie Curtis-Hall), and David Byrne of Talking Heads in his exceptional film True Stories (1986) are just some of the attractions that await film and music lovers in our nighttime smorgasbord of films.

Midnight Madness during the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons Film Festival is the one attraction with all these cult classics with rock and music stars - this year's section is called Remixed: from stage to screen. Our inspiration came from music remixes, which is why you'll find a mix of classics and the latest flicks with pop and hip-hop stars. Showboat acting, charismatic faces, remixed genres and conventions will all be on display for your viewing pleasure.

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