Programme 2012
Alternating. Direct. Shifting AC/DC/IT The ongoing history of video installations

The ongoing history of video installations

WRO Art Center, Widok 7, Wrocław www.wrocenter.pl

Artists: Paweł Janicki / Janet Merewether / Justyna Misiuk / Nam June Paik / Józef Robakowski / Niklas Roy / Zygmunt Rytka / Woody Vasulka / Witkacy

Curator: Piotr Krajewski

Interaction design: Paweł Janicki

Graphical interfaces: Bartosz Konieczny

Production: Zbigniew Kupisz i zespół Centrum Sztuki WRO

Alternating. Direct. Shifting. AC/DC/IT exhibition is yet another installment of the series of exhibitions organized by WRO Art Center to explore the development of media art and to commemorate its 50th anniversary.

AC/DC/IT Alternating - Direct - Shifting is a media installation exhibition that allows not only direct interaction with art pieces but goes a step further and facilitates active communication with them via smart phones and tablets.

AC/DC/IT is yet another installment in a series of exhibitions organized by WRO that commemorate the 50th anniversary of electronic art inception and explore the development and evolution of its means of expression.

Next to historic, AC/DC/IT has the anthropological and cultural studies dimension as through the artworks and the elements of material culture, it presents our modernization pursuits and aspirations that underlie the vision of progressive communication dependent societies.

In addition to exhibition's core, interactive interface based on a camera game controller will allow documentary material viewing that involves not only sight and hearing but also bodily movements. The archive contains a wealth of unique recordings from around the world of video-arts, installations and other art objects.

Due to its educational characteristics, there is no age limit to the exhibition.

50 years of electronic art 1963-2013

Series' concept: Viola Kutlubasis-Krajewska & Piotr Krajewski

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