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War Game dir. Peter WatkinsWar Game dir. Peter Watkins

Poland's first ever mockumentary review promises to be the hit of the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival. Mockumentaries are films that synthesize their own reality while taking advantage of the documentary convention. The fake documentaries shown in Wrocław will include films about fictitious rock bands, films, events and persons. A member of the selection committee, Jan Topolski, calls the films "mean, funny, nostalgic, false, fictionalized," all in the service of critiquing reality.

Mockumentaries comprise a broad genre and the festival repertoire includes classics such as the Academy Award winning War Games (1966) by Peter Watkins, about the day after in Great Britain, which was ultimately broadcast years after being produced because of its terrifyingly convincing nature. No mockumentary review would be complete without Rob Reiner's guffaw-inducing stab at show business in This Is Spinal Tap (1984) about the dramatic rise and fall of a fictional rock band; the film is a cult classic in the United States (but remains relatively unknown in Poland), a legacy that even includes a sequel filmed on tour - of a nonexistent band! Yet another star in the firmament is the raucous Belgian production Man Bites Dog (1992) by Rémy Belveaux and André Bonzel, the plot of which questions the ethical assumptions of documentary film by following a hit man who reveals secrets of his bloody trade and gets the filmmakers involved in the job. The mockumentary repertoire also offers gems by cinematic masters such as one of Orson Welles's last major films, which could be considered a mockumentary manifesto, F for Fake (1976), and Peter Jackson's Forgotten Silver (1995) about a forgotten New Zealand cinematic pioneer.

The list of over 20 titles will include romps from the last decade such as the hilarious Kenny (2006) by Clayton Jackson, about a port-a-potty installer who is extremely serious about his labor of love, or Graham Jones's Fudge 44 (2006) about the breakout of theater puppets into the streets of Tokyo.

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