27 July 2012
Wrocław awaits the grand finale of the T-Mobile New Horizons Club Festival for this year

The last shows will also be the most anticipated. Today it's Peachas DJ Extravaganza and Bubble Chamber and tomorrow it's time for CocoRosie. On Sunday, the last day of the Festival, it's all about dancing with Romek Rege and Kuba Słoma on the cosmic bass. DJ Night will be the closing performance of the 12th IFF T-Mobile New Horizon

Peaches is the uncontested queen of electroclash, one of the biggest provocateurs and vixens in the entire history of pop culture, and one of the greatest piquant dishes on the extensive menu of the modern music scene. She is already a cult figure, an icon who courts controversy. Peaches is sometimes compared to personalities such as Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Björk, Josh Homme, Lil Kim, Kelis or M.I.A. Christina Aguilera took her inspiration from peaches during her "bad girl" phase, Britney Spears wanted to work with her and Avril Lavigne literally copied one of her songs. Top fashion designers use her music during their shows. Her consciously kitschy style even inspired an entire generation of new-wave dance music artists. Peaches can do it all - write songs, lyrics, play all the instruments, produce, and, of course, sing. She has cut duets with Iggy Pop, Telepopmusic, Pink, R.E.M., Flaming Lips and Chicks on Speed. Peaches's performances are explosions of unbridled erotica that stray far from the manicured images of pop starlets. Remember the glam rock band Kiss? Peaches's energy and expression could easily replace those four painted guys with elongated tongues. She is currently working on her performance in the Opera Orfeus, written by Claudio Monteverdi in 1607, where she will sing the male lead. Peaches is no flash in the pan - she is an original and unique phenomenon, an absolute inimitable expression on the dance and electronica scene.

This Canadian devil was born in 1968, the year of counterculture rebellion and sexual revolution, as Merrill Beth Nisker to a family with Polish roots (her grandparents were from Ustrzyki Dolne). Her early career did not presage her explosive rip through the music scene. She began by playing in the folk band Mermaid Cafe, and, ultimately, after moving from Toronto to Berlin, underwent a complete metamorphosis in terms of aesthetics and style. Taking her inspiration from the Nina Simone song "Four Women," where the diva screams at the end, "My name is Peaches!" she took on the artistic pseudonym by which the whole world now knows her. Her music is a backbreaking mixture of radical techno and sulfuric electro with an intense swirl of 1970s glam and gangster rap, all of its served in a sauce of engaged lyrics and uncompromising punk rock rebellion. Peaches is an extravagant musical show packed to the brim with sex and rock 'n roll. She defines her genre as "sextronica" and her songs consist of catchy compositions that touch on 1980s retro perfectly composed to be paired with an inundating dose of strobe lights. Onstage, she is absolutely magnetic - it immediately becomes clear that playing live is unquestionably her element.

T-Mobile New Horizons music scene is also the festival's daily dose of dance music with DJ Night. From Friday till Sunday it's: Teskko, Przaśnik  and Romek Rege with Kuba Słoma on the cosmic bass.

Tickets for Peaches, Bubble Chumber and DJ Nights are available at www.nowehoryzonty.pl, www.ticketpro.pl, in the Festival Centre (Teatralny Square 4) and directly before the shows at the Arsenal Festival Club (Cieszyńskiego 9). For more details go to www.nowehoryzonty.pl and www.facebook.com/NoweHoryzontyArsenal

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