25 July 2012
Comeback of a legend: Senser at the T-Mobile New Horizons

Senser, fathers of rap-metal, precursors of nu-metal revolution will perform today, on the 25th of July at the Festival Club. Their shows were more of a mystic spectacle than a typical concert. This time, their performance will be preceded by Orange The Juice – one of the Zrób Głośniej! Contest winners. Right at midnight, this time the DJ Night will by hosted by DJ Wiśnia.

When Senser released their debut album Stacked Up in 1994, the band sent shockwaves through audiences and critics across several genres. Few bands, before or since, do genre crossover as well or as radically as Senser, who meld together rap, industrial, dub, electronica and sharp guitar riffs. If bands playing similar styles aren't hard to find today, it is in large part due to the impact of Senser's music, which first blended punk rebellion with Jamaican rhythms, hardcore batterings with hip hop scratching, industrial electronica and funk nostalgia. As if the mix were not yet explosive enough, Senser are no slouches when it comes to songwriting - their socially conscious and politically charged texts made them one of the most hard-hitting acts on the music festival circuit and laid the foundations for what would later become known as the nu-metal movement. Artistically versatile, they are just as at ease playing drum'n'bass, psychedelia, krautrock or metal. Their concerts - spectacles of sound, movement, light and stage effects - took on the feel of political assemblies, militant vigils where audiences and musicians decried the iniquities of the world in unison. Senser's rise to success was as quick - their singles burned through the alternative music charts - as it was universal - it was not long before mainstream critics and audiences took note, too. Some observers were quick to compare them with Rage Against The Machine, but Zack de la Rocha has always said that if there was an influence between the two bands, his was the one who took inspiration from Senser.

Awarded and acclaimed for their original creativity and musical eclectics, the members of Orange The Juice are incapable of listing all their sound fascinations and inspirations, but would have to include alternative and indie, electro, metal, jazz, hardcore, and industrial as just a few of the genres that sinew their way through their compositions. If there was ever a Polish band ideal to sign by Ipecac Recordings, Orange The Juice would be it.

And already on the 27th of July, we'll have a chance to hear the popculture legend Peaches in The Festival Club as well. CocoRosie, Daniel Bloom and guests are to perform on the closing days too.

Tickets are available at www.nowehoryzonty.pl, www.ticketpro.pl, in the Festival Center (Teatralny Square 4) and directly before the show at Arsenal (Cieszyńskiego 9). For more details go to www.nowehoryzonty.pl and www.facebook.com/NoweHoryzontyArsenal

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