Programme 2012
Performance stage of the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF

Katarzyna Roj - Arts Scene curator / BWA Wrocław - Galleries of Contemporary Art

Collaborators: Tomasz Cugier, Alicja Klimczak-Dobrzaniecka, Ewa Bober

Arts Scene is a series of experimental exhibitions and performances that will elaborate on the themes of this year's New Horizons lineup. The project is organized in collaboration with BWA Wrocław - Galleries of Contemporary Art.

Arts Scene aims to develop and experiment with 'film exhibitions', engaging audiences and their sense of perception. The projects, which will focus on audio-visual and stage setting elements, will aim to open new esthetic and technological perspectives. The curators have paid particular attention to projects related to the field of audience theory, that is those that give a sense of active audience participation and reveal something about the viewer's experience.

This year's Arts Scene program is entitled The Happy End. The opening projects will include the exhibition Torn Film (BWA Awangarda gallery), Carlos Reygadas' film Serenghetti (BWA Design Gallery), and a street game designed by Katarzyna Krakowiak (Wrocław public spaces, BWA Design Gallery). As the thematic elaboration of the festival's Third Eye section, the program's exhibitions and activities will explore the iconography of exhaustion, tension, melancholy, and apocalypse. The underlying theme of the end of the world, so frequently exploited by filmmakers throughout the history of cinema, will be explored in all its paradoxes - the end that brings a new beginning, new rules, and new forms beauty. The presented works go against the grain of conventional conceptions of cinema- they deconstruct and enhance the art of film by adding new visual elements, moments, traces, and stage directions.

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