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Batalla en el cielo dir. Carlos ReygadasBatalla en el cielo dir. Carlos Reygadas
12th T-Mobile New Horizons IFF programme

12. T-Mobile New Horizons IFF will be held from 19 till 29 July 2012. Part of the 12th edition will be a review of new Mexican cinema and a retrospective of its famous representative Carlos Reygadas. Other retrospectives include films by the Yugoslavian director Dušan Makavejev, Austrian director Ulrich Seidl and the avant-garde author Peter Tscherkassky.

new horizons international film festival is the biggest film festival in Poland and it is regarded as one of the most important film events in Central Europe. The festival presents uncompromising, innovative and original cinema from all over the world that explores new horizons in film language, expression and storytelling.

The festival has also a strong focus on music and contemporary art and organizes live music concerts every evening and art installations and performances throughout the city of Wroclaw. 


12. tnh competitions:

new horizons international competition – consists of 14 bold and original polish premieres which always provoke extreme emotions, evoke delight or protests. grand prix - eur 20,000. the winners of grand prix, audience award and fipresci prize are guaranteed distribution in poland.

films on art international competition - feature-length documentaries on the borderline of cinema and visual arts are judged by an international jury. award - eur 10,000 & guaranteed distribution in poland.

polish short films competition - new polish shorts up to 30 minutes long.

european shorts competition - european films up to 30 minutes long. Prizes - EUR 1,000 for each category: fiction films, documentaries and animation.


other sections

panorama - films awarded at international film festivals, made by both renowned directors and newly discovered talents. 

documentaries, essays - documentary films, often told in the form of a film essay. 

midnight madness - films playing with conventions and referring to genre cinema. Night-time festivities (Re-mixed: From Stage to Screen) will get underway with screenings of films featuring rock and pop stars.

Mexican Cinematography Review - 15 of the best films to have come out of Mexico in recent years. The review will include the works of directors whose individual styles have shaped perceptions of contemporary Mexican cinema, such as Amat Escalante and Nicolás Pereda, as well as Carlos Reygadas whose body of work will be featured in a retrospective during this festival. We will also showcase the youngest generation of Mexican filmmakers, in many cases their debut features, including works by Daniela Schneider, Jose Alvarez, Michel Lipkes and Matias Meyer.

A special event at the festival will be Poland’s first Mockumentary Cinema Review, celebrating films that use the conventions of documentary filmmaking to create their very own, and very inexistent, reality. The program includes Peter Watkins’ The War Game and Rob Reiner’s genre-defining This is Spinal Tap.

The fourth installment of the New Horizons of Film Language discussion series will focus on the theme of sound in cinema.

The 12th edition of the festival will also include a review of productions released by the Karol Irzykowski Film Studio, which saw its golden age during the 1980s and launched the careers of many outstanding Polish directors.

The Happy End will inaugurate the festival’s concert stage – where cinema and the visual arts will come together. The theme of the event will be the end of the world, featuring The Legend of Kaspar Hauser (La leggenda di Kaspar Hauser) by Davide Manuli, a delirious neo-western starring Vincent Gallo, set to the pulsating electro beats of DJ Vitalica.

A special event will accompany this year’s Carlos Reygadas retrospective – the SERENGHETTI project, a multichannel installation showing a remarkable women’s football match organized and filmed by the Mexican director.



Carlos Reygadas – one of the best-known representatives of new Mexican cinema, Reygadas’ detached minimalist style focuses on form. His films are about values, explored with dispassionate rigor. Reygadas configures surprising contrasts between sex, violence, politics and religion – the compulsions of modern-day Mexico.

Ulrich Seidl – acknowledged screenwriter, director and documentary filmmaker, one of the most uncompromising voices of contemporary world cinema. His frequently controversial choices of subject matter have earned him a reputation for scandal in his native Austria. An admirer of Hanekeg, Jelinek and Bernhard, Seidl is unafraid to look at the skeletons lurking in Austria’s collective closet.

Dušan Makavejev – legendary Yugoslavian director and screenwriter, one of the leading figures of Yugoslav cinema in the 1960s and 1970s, he questioned socialist reality in a style reminiscent of Godard’s. Rooted in local culture, Makavajev touched on global revolutionary attitudes, experimenting and defying any number of taboos. His films have frequently been censored.

Peter Tscherkassky – avant-garde Austrian filmmaker specializing in found footage, a curator of exhibitions and festivals, lecturer and author of publications devoted to experimental cinema.

Witold Giersz - a renowned animator and creator of nearly 50 films, Giersz has received over 60 awards and honors at prestigious festivals.In 1961, he made Poland’s first original animated feature Mały Western [A Small Western], which revolutionized the genre – Giersz had replaced traditional drawings with dabs of color without outlines, which he applied directly onto the filmstrip.

Polish Days

is a new industry event focused on presentation of latest Polish films to an international industry audience. It will take place on 21-23 July 2012 during the 12. edition of the New Horizons International Film Festival in Wrocław (19-29 July 2012). The event is supported by the city of Wrocław and the Polish Film Institute.

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