One the Road dir. Walter Salles One the Road dir. Walter Salles
29 July 2012
Walter Salles’s One the Road will close the festival

Today during the award ceremony at7 P.M. (Helios Cinema) we will find out 4 winners of the main comperitions. Three screenings of On The Road, an adaptation of the legendary book by Jack Kerouac will also be held on the last day of the festival. This will also be the polish premiere of the film.

Tadeusz Sobolewski: 'The Symbolic search for “the lost time”, the recall of 20th century quests for freedom - “On The Road” by Walter Salles is a patchwork of extremely intense pictures of America, divided into episodes and then again combined.

The picture tells the story of a group of young Americans, about 20 years old, called back in 1948 by Jack Kerouac “the beat generation”. It's more a story about how the book was created, rather than its literal adaptation. Like in Proust's work, the film ends exactly when the idea of the book becomes solid.

Kerouac puts into the machine long spool of paper and in the inspiration creates first sentences of how hies new friends Dean Moriarty (Neal or Cassady'ego) started a "new chapter in his life, which can be called a life on the road"

Salles tries to mimic the breath alike spontaneous rhythm of the book by Kerouac. He recreates the material look of America in year 1947 or 1950 so smoothly, that it feels completely natural. Narrow empty roads, small shops, which are quite easy to rob, gas stations taken straight from Hopper's paintings.'

Tadeusz Sobolewski: W drodze. Kerouac, mafia polityków i milion bezrobotnych ("Gazeta Wyborcza")

The cast  includes starts of the american ciemna, such as: Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Kristen Stewart, Amy Adams, Kirsten Dunst i Viggo Mortensen.

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