26 July 2012
Negri, Maksymiuk and cinema classics at Wrocław's Main Square

A free open air screening of the movie Mania will be held today at 10 P.M., in the heart of the city. This silent film tells the story of cigarette factory workers. Back in the day, it launched the legendary international carrier of Pola Negra - the first world-wide star of Polish origin. Jerzy Maksymiuk, who is an outstanding composer and conductor, prepared new music score specifically for this screening. It will be performed by the Leopoldinum Orchestra under Jerzy Maksymiuk himself. “This movie was very fascinating for me. The story is Shakespeare alike. A woman offers herself to another man in order to give her partner a chance to perform an opera. (…) It's the music that sets the mood, there are no dialogues. It's a perfect situation for the composer” said the author himself in one of the interviews. Mania tells the story of a worker, who is selected as a model for a new cigarette advertisement. She meets Hans van den Hof, a composer in the workshop and falls in love with him.

Filmoteka Narodowa has reconstructed this picture and is also one of the co-organizers of the screening.

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