25 July 2012
Mockumentaries review in progress

During the 12th IFF New Horizons we are holding the first polish mockumentary review, which are films build on the typical document scheme but showing its own non-existing reality. You can select from “falsified documents” about music bands, events and people. Classics of the genre were included with: The War Game (HEL3: 26th July, 6:45 P.M.) by Peter Watkins about the consequences of a fictional atomic doom in Great Britian, This is Spinal Tap (Market square, 25th July, 10 P.M.; HEL7: 28th July, 10:15 A.M.) by Rob Reiner about a fictive metal band and its demise.

Other screened classics include: Man Bites Dog(MUL8: 25th July, 7:00 P.M.; 28th July, 10:00 A.M.), Forgotten Silver (HEL3: 28th July, 9:45 P.M.) and F for Fake. The whole set of about 20 films has also to offer works of last decade: Fudge 44 by Graham Jones (HEL4: 25th July, 1:00 P.M.), Incident at Loch Ness by Zak Penn with Werner Herzog on the screen (HEL4: 29th July 7:00 P.M.).

One of the highlights will be a radio play with improvised music War of Worlds by Orson Welles (HEL3). The story is a modern adaptation of the story by H.G. Wells and Welles's scenario with the events moved to Poland. Maciej Maryl is the director and writer of the work. Back in 1938, Welles's radio play about Martians invading Earth caused a mass panic.

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