Un mundo secreto dir. Gabriel MariñoUn mundo secreto dir. Gabriel Mariño
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25 June 2012
She wants regression in The Secret World by Gabriel Mariño

The "Cinema of Mexico" section of the 12 IFF T-Mobile New Horizons offers an opportunity to watch a feature-length debut by Gabriel Mariño, shown inter alia during "Cinéma en Construction" at the festival in San Sebastian and at the latest Berlinale in the "Generation" section; a film inspired by the creative output of Nan Goldin and Edward Hopper and pictures by Iván Hernández, one of the alumni of the Berlinale Talent Campus - The Secret World / Un mundo secreto (2012).

The main character of The Secret World is Maria (Lucía Uribe), an 18-year-old girl living in Mexico City, rebellious and lost, still childish, living in her own world, built on paper in her secret diary. She draws her own adventures, writes letters to herself, and waits for somebody to appreciate the still undefined figure she is becoming. Graduation and related decisions, a mother unable to communicate with her daughter, male friends and the quick, impassive sex being the only thing they have in common make for a literally and figuratively unclear reality that is the source of her incessant torment. To free herself from this trap, run away from uncertainty and inner anger, Maria sets off on a dream-induced journey, in which she finds herself swallowed Jonah-like by a whale. On the way, she finds "another Mexico," which is vast, empty, and somewhat dangerous. However, she cannot devote herself to loneliness. The vividly pulsating world pushes against her and she seems to remain a passive puppet in its hands. Finally, she meets a shy boy who wants to cross the Mexican-American border in search for a job.

"Say what you are. Not what you would like to be. Not what you have to be. Just say what you are. And what you are is good enough," Mariño quotes John Cassavetes in an interview, taking his words as a talisman in that cinematic journey of adolescence.

Gabriel Mariño (b. 1978, Puebla, Mexico), the film director and screenwriter of Un mundo secreto, studied history at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and directing at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (C.C.C.). In 2002, he took part in an intercollegiate student exchange from Hochshule fur Fernsehen und Film in Munich, where he attended, inter alia, a documentary course by a Chilean Patricio Guzmán (Nostalgia for the Light, 10th NH).


Lucía Uribe (Maria)

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