MS 101 dir. Karol RadziszewskiMS 101 dir. Karol Radziszewski
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05 July 2012
The Private Ludwig Wittgenstein: Karol Radziszewski’s open invitation to his film

In the latest issue of K MAG, visual artist Karol Radziszewski invites readers to the Wroclaw premiere of his film:

"Allow me to advertise my film, scheduled to hit the screens in the summer (of this year). In fact, at first it will be released only in Krakow and Wroclaw, and only a few days, but still - you can see it on the big the screen. As you can guess, it’s a love story. A very moving love story, but without a happy ending. What’s more, my characters don’t even meet throughout the whole move, but stay in their own worlds. So, who are they? They are soldiers, although one is actually a poet and the other a philosopher. There is a third, who also serves in the army, but is a mathematician (the youngest of the three). The trio weaves their expressions of love, interspersed with complex theories of logic, depressive poems about death, and reflections on the structure of the world. At the same time, there is not a single line of dialogue throughout the film, with the whole consisting solely of monologues, meaning they all talk to themselves, believing someone will listen. The title is MS 101, but I decline to betray the mysterious acronym. To encourage you, I will however tell you there are uniforms, naked bodies, guns, and even an IV cocaine overdose. The whole thing ends badly, of course, sadly, if not tragically. I won’t spoil anymore of it to keep you killing each other for tickets. The festival premiere of MS 101 will be in July at the 12th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival – in The Happy End: Images for the End of the World. Find my film in the "suicide" subcategory. Come one and all!"

MS 101 in the 12th TNH IFF Program

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