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22 July 2012
Premiere of Beyond the Hills by Cristian Mungu

Today we await the first polish screening of Beyond The Hills - this year’s Cannes winner for best screenplayandfor best actress. The movie takes place in a monastery. The peaceful atmosphere of grace that reigns over a women’s convent seems immovable. The surrounding forest’s silence is so close to being sacred that a whisper seems a sin. The village’s isolation is comfortable, reassuring, but the natural frontier that until now has protected the serenity of the place proves imperfect when unexpected danger arrives alongside Alina, a friend of Voichita, one of the nuns. Convent life has not erased Voichita’s love for her friend, whose arrival awakes long dormant turmoil in her body, soul, and heart.  Director Cristian Mungiu explains that the film is primarily […] about love and free will: mostly about how love can turn the concepts of good and evil into very relative ones Most of the greatest mistakes of this world have been made in the name of faith, and with the absolute conviction they were done for a good cause.

Polish journalist, Tadeusz Sobolewski wrote:

"I have a feeling that many of this year's movies is located in the front line of art. These are not film about a certain subject, they attack problems, for which we haven't solutions yet. Beyond the Hills is one of such movies. (...)"

Screenings are scheduled for the 22nd, 25th, 27th and 28th of July.

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