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23 July 2012
Polish premiere of Holy Motors by Léos Caraxa

Today is the Polish premiere of the film, that was sensation in Cannes – Holy Motors. The audience will be able to see the first Léos Carax film, a visionary of French cinema, on the 23rd, 24rt, 27th and 28th of July.

Léos Carax will be the festival guest and will meet the audience  at the Gazeta Cafe on Wednesday 25th of July. The meeting with the director will take place on the summer stage in Teatr Lalek in Wrocaw (pl. Teatralny 4).


“In Holy Morots , by the French director Léos Carax,the cars talk to each other, the protagonist lives in the detached house in Paris suburbs with the wife – a monkey, and kept in the tone of kafka’s convention,   the story creates the tale about infinite number of adventures and allowing to hurt and die with impunity. “ (Janusz Wróblewski, Polityka)


Holy Motos is an absolute triumph. Both, solid in the scenery and surreal in merit, an insane Carax’s  vaudeville is an one man act transcripted into a big film universe on the boarder of eXistenZ and Borat.  The plot comes out slowly, the protagonist – Oscar (Denis Lavant) – an actor constantly moving on Paris’s roads in the limo, that is also and wardrobe, which he uses to move from one times to another in order to carefully act the role (ideally composed  in the world around). (Michał Oleszczyk, dwutygodnik.pl)

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