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Love Story
dir. Florian Habicht / New Zealand, USA 2011 / 92’
subtitles: Polish and English


Masha Yakovenko, Florian Habicht, Frank Habicht


New Zealand Film and Television Awards 2011 – Best Feature Film, Best Editor, Best Director

Film description

Florian Habicht directs and stars in this no-budget romantic comedy and film within a film. Playing himself, Habicht spots a beautiful girl in New York City carrying a piece of cake on a plate. He is instantly fascinated by Masha and she becomes his muse and co-star in a film about their blossoming romance. Throughout this meandering story of budding love, Habicht continually keeps us guessing about what is spontaneous and what has been staged. Love Story is both an engaging romantic fable and a film about filmmaking – an essay in the form of fiction, in which Habicht bares his soul, mind, and body. Taking a cue from Woody Allen’s more self-referential films, Habicht offers a disquisition on his own directorial choices and artistic decisions. But he is not alone in his deliberations – in fact he openly invites criticism from a collection of various characters he meets along the way, including New Yorkers and wandering tourists. Mentoring him throughout by video chat is his father, who keeps offering advice on how to make a hit that will rake in millions. Habicht’s improvisational, hybrid romance crosses the boundaries of genre while exploring the various meanings of love in film.

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska

Information about director

Florian Habicht

Director and visual artist Florian Habicht was born in Berlin in 1975, but grew up in New Zealand. He graduated from the Elam School of Fine Arts in Auckland. His Woodenhead, a Brothers Grimm-inspired musical, has been hailed one of the most original New Zealand films of the past decade. His Kaikohe Demolition was showered with awards. His films Rubbings From a Live Man and Land of the Long White Cloud are experiments in the meanings of fact and fiction.


2000 Liebestraume

2003 Woodenhead

2004 Kaikohe Demolition (doc.)

2008 Rubbings from a Live Man (doc.)

2009 Land of the Long White Cloud (doc.)

2011 Love Story

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska


director: Florian Habicht
screenplay: Florian Habicht, Peter O’Donoghue
cinematography: Maria Ines Manchego
editing: Peter O’Donoghue
music: Georges Delereu, Nino Rota, Ennio Morricone, Marc Chesterman, Killer Ray, Lalo Schiffrin
cast: Masha Yakovenko, Florian Habicht, Frank Habicht
production: Pictures For Anna
sales: Pictures For Anna
awards: New Zealand Film and Television Awards 2011 – Best Feature Film, Best Editor, Best Director
language: English, German
colouration: colour
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