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Shut Up and Play the Hits
Shut Up And Play The Hits
dir. Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern / UK 2012 / 108’
subtitles: Polish only


Gunnar Bjerk, Al Doyle, Chuck Klosterman, Pat Mahoney, James Murphy, Tyler Pope, Nancy Whang, Keith Wood, Matt Thornley, Gavin Russom, Josh Stern

Film description

Shut Up and Play the Hits is the final curtain for New York cult band LCD Soundsystem and a chronicle of their final show’s build-up and aftermath. The press releases have gone out, the final album is sealed and delivered, the last interviews are behind them – LCD come out onto a stage, beyond which tens of thousands of expectant faces await what surely ranks among the best final shows ever recorded on film. But Shut Up and Play the Hits by directing tandem Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace is not a standard concert film. Rather, it is a nearly post-apocalyptic examination of career-defining artistic decisions. The tense preparations intermingle with frontman James Murphy’s reflections after the fact in the first days of his life after the limelight has gone down on the effervescent beginnings, prolific peaks, and spectacular farewell of his band. Most revealing is a marathon interview conducted by veteran music critic Chuck Klosterman, whose biting humor intently breaks down Murphy’s defenses, opening the singer’s intimate thoughts up for us all to see. This is a fascinating psychological portrait of an artist and a riveting music chronicle rolled into one.

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska

Information about director

Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace

The director’s have been a creative team for the past several years. In 2011, the made their first feature film together – the Grammy-wining No Distance Left to Run documents the break-up and triumphant reunion of British band Blur. They have worked with a range of artists, including Arctic Monkeys, The Kills, The Fall, Richard Hawley, Jack White, Björk.


2010 No Distance Left To Run (doc.)

2012 Zamknij się i graj / Shut Up and Play the Hits (doc.)

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska


director: Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern
screenplay: Will Lovelace, Dylan Southern
cinematography: Reed Morano
editing: Mark Burnett
cast: Gunnar Bjerk, Al Doyle, Chuck Klosterman, Pat Mahoney, James Murphy, Tyler Pope, Nancy Whang, Keith Wood, Matt Thornley, Gavin Russom, Josh Stern
producer: Thomas Benski, James Murphy, Lucas Ochoa
production: Pulse Films, Killer Films
sales: K5 Media Group
language: English
colouration: colour
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