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Suicidal Variations
dir. Kim Gok, Kim Sun / South Korea 2007 / 15’
subtitles: Polish and English


Jang Sun-Jin

Film description

Films by these Korean twins are about as pleasant to watch as scraping your wrist on the sidewalk. The dark and despairing Suicidal Variations are no exception in an oeuvre consisting of films that felt more so than watched. The flicker effect drives audiences to a similar level of nervous anxiety as the character contemplating suicide in this study of female madness and paranoia, which uses pastiche and contains allusions to Polanski and Mario Bava. The point of reference is Polanski’s Repulsion, but the graphic violence clearly points to a fascination with Asian horror films. This is the end of ends.

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska

Information about director

Kim Gok, Kim Sun

The twin Kim brothers (born in 1978) have directed and produced numerous short and feature-length films, all definitely on the dark side of the cinematic art. Kim Gok’s Exhausted was one of the most controversial films of the 9th New Horizons Film Festival.

Selected filmography

2003 Jabondang seoneon: Mangukui nodongjayeo, chukcheothara! / Capitalist Manifesto: Working Men of All Countries, Accumulate!

2005 Noejeolgaesul / Geo-Lobotomy

2007 Samobójcze wariacje / Suicidal Variations

2010 Bangdokpi / Anti-Gas Skin

2011 Hwa-i-teu: Jeo-woo-eui Mel-lo-di / White: The Melody of the Curse

Prepared by: Ewa Szabłowska


director: Kim Gok, Kim Sun
screenplay: Kim Gok, Kim Sun
cinematography: Ji Yune-Jung
editing: Kim Sun, Kim Gok
music: Hong Chul-Ki
cast: Jang Sun-Jin
producer: Kim Sun, Kim Gok
production: Goksa
sales: Kim Gok
language: Korean
colouration: b&w
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