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dir. Przemysław Wojcieszek / Poland 2012 / 82’
subtitles: English


Tomasz Tyndyk, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Marek Kępiński

Film description

Ksawery’s treats his grandfather, Jan, as an authority figure who has retired to his little country house and eagerly awaits his grandson’s visits. Ksawery performs onstage as a drag queen. Unexpectedly, Karolina appears in their lives, who is interested in the Polish-Jewish past. She studies Yiddish and digs in archives, where she discovers that Grandpa Jan was one of the perpetrators during the war. Przemysław Wojcieszek’s Secret is a cinematic experiment, an attempt to visualize a Polish-Jewish past that reflects on future generations. At the same time, the trio’s relationship is to be a starting point for discussion about tolerance and limits of trust among people who are close. Secret screened in the Forum section of this year’s Berlinale.

Prepared by: Joanna Ostrowska

Information about director

Przemysław Wojcieszek

Przemysław Wojcieszek is a Polish film and theater director and screenwriter.Hestudied Polish at the Jagiellonian and Wrocław Universities. Wojcieszek authored the script to Witold Adamek’s film Monday, as well as all of his own films; his directorial debut came in 1999 with Kill Them All. He received the ‘Polityka’ magazine Passport (promising young artist award) in the film category for his original films that are manifestos of 30-year-olds trying to find their place in our reality. In 2004, he debuted as a playwright and theater director with the play Made in Poland, and has since directed 10 theater productions. His films The Perfect Afternoon, Made in Poland and Secret screened at Berlinale.

Selected filmography

2001 Głośniej od bomb / Louder Than Bombs

2004 W dół kolorowym wzgórzem / Down Colourful Hill

2005 Doskonałe popołudnie / The Perfect Afternoon

2010 Made in Poland

2012 Sekret / Secret

Prepared by: Joanna Ostrowska


director: Przemysław Wojcieszek
screenplay: Przemysław Wojcieszek
cinematography: Kuba Kijowski
editing: Daniel Zioła
music: Krzysztof Prętkiewicz
cast: Tomasz Tyndyk, Agnieszka Podsiadlik, Marek Kępiński
producer: Rafał Widajewicz, Katarzyna Majewska
production: Dynamo Karuzela, Gruppa Rafał Widajewicz, Stowarzyszenie Nowe Horyzonty, PISF
sales: Dynamo Karuzela
language: Polish
colouration: colour
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