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20th of July, 22:00
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Cool Kids Of Death

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Few groups have made as immediate and lasting an impact on Poland's musical landscape as Cool Kids of Death when they released their eponymous debut in 2002. The band were instantly acclaimed as the voice of a new generation and the most rebellious group working on the national stage. Their music brims over with earnest defiance aimed square at a society following the dictates of blind consumerism. Along with their original sounds, their lyrics have also gained renown for their mordant critique of ever-present commercialization and ability to capture stark truths about today's world. Inspired by post-punk new wave, their music is a voice for Poland's first generation to come of age on the 21st century. Yet their energetic, hard-hitting songs are not one-dimensional anger anthems - the band has reached commercial success with catchy, melodious songcraft whose musical and lyrical depth appeals to a wide cross-section of audiences. The Cool Kids of Death can make you angry or make you dance - they've been known to make the business crowd pogo. One thing is certain - Cool Kids of Death brought a gust of fresh air to the Polish music scene and they show no signs of letting up.

Now, a decade after their breakthrough, Cool Kids of Death will hit the stage once again to play their self-titled debut album. Fans will once again belong to 'Generation Nil', once again sense the raw power of 'Molotov Cocktails and Stones', once again swoon to the band's ballads of broken love, and once chant in unison that those who slip into complacency best 'Watch out!'. Ten years on, Cool Kids of Death have lost none of their verve, authenticity or swagger. Polish alternative rock is ready - are you?

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