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24th of July, 22:00
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Ballady i Romanse

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When they wax poetic, it is tongue in cheek. Truth underpins their irony. They manage levity without being trite. Their play is intelligent. These are some of the paradoxes that can be used to describe Ballady i Romanse, the unusual project of the Wrońska sisters, Barbara and Zuzanna. Is it classic neo-folk that references tradition? Or maybe it's New Weird Poland? Then again, it may be avant-pop with extremely rich lyrical references. All these descriptions seem to fit without completely sufficing. In the end, it is simply good music with technically perfect vocals and instrumental chops, where spontaneity meets professionalism and poetic sensitivity is processed through modernity. The ethereal and extremely feminine vocals play out on a sonic canvas of surprising instruments such as whistle-suckers, crystal glasses and other household wares. It is not the sisters' first musical project, but this one is designed to go in directions the others had not strayed. Initially, Ballady i Romanse was supposed to be a one-time project established as part of a gallery project in homage of the poet Władysław Broniewski. Instead, the recorded single evolved into the debut album ("Ballady i Romanse"), followed by another ("Zapomnij"), all accompanied by concerts lauded by audiences and critics alike. So, you can't look at Ballady i Romanse as a meteor streaking across the Polish musical sky - they are more of a shining star, impossible to ignore. Modern themes mixed with a longing for the past, contemporaneity juxtaposed with memories, it's naiveté and sincerity in a struggle with daily life - that is the music and those are the lyrics of one of Poland's most original bands.

The sisters' second album, "Zapomnij," is filled with the sounds of the bassoon, clarinet, saxophone, double bass and a wealth of percussion instruments. Ranked as the number one album of 2011 by Poland's leading daily, Ballady i Romanse, have also been nominated to numerous other awards in Poland. Their show in Wroclaw will include a guest performance by IGOR BOXX, the stage name of Igor Pudło, co-founder of the city's legendary duet Skalpel and Breslau (solo project).

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