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The Blue Bird
dir. Gust Van den Berghe / Belgium, France 2011 / 86’
subtitles: Polish and English


Bafiokadié Potey, Téné Potey, Nanty Libéria Bani, Dodji N’Dah, N’Tcha Emmanuel Sansamou


Ghent IFF 2011 – Special Mention

Film description

The Blue Bird is lyrical sci-fi, oneiric vision and psychedelic trance rolled into one. In the African lands of the Tamberma tribe, little boy Bafiokadié and his sister Téné leave their village to find an escaped blue bird. Though shot in blue hues that turn the exotic savanna futuristic moonscape, the film’s cool color tones do not rob the scenery of its warmth. Director Van den Berghe endeavors to erase the lines between past and future, death and life an the children encounter the dead and unborn on their way. The film deftly serves bits of humor and irony with melancholy and contemplation in a charming and magical encounter with the afterworld through the prism of seemingly puerile, but surprisingly penetrating sensitivity.

Prepared by: Anna Tatarska

Information about director

Gust Van den Berghe

Born in 1985, a Belgian film director and screenwriter, known for his tremendous passion for music. From childhood interest in dance, performed in the famous Belgian dance teams, worked with Praga Khan, the Royal Ballet of Flanders and Mark Bogaerts. After graduating from the School of Audiovisual Art of Brussels, he directed the first feature film titled Little Baby Jesus of Flanders, which was shown at Cannes in 2010. Blue Bird is his second feature film.

Selected filmography

2006 Mijn papa en ik / My Daddy and Me(short)

2006 De Grootheid van een Grootheid (short)

2007 cum*shot (short)

2010 Petit Bebe Jesus de Flandr / Little Baby Jesus of Flandr

2011 Niebieski ptak / Blue Bird

Prepared by: Anna Tatarska


director: Gust Van den Berghe
screenplay: Gust Van den Berghe
cinematography: Hans Bruch Jr.
editing: David Verdurme
music: Alexander Zhikarev, Michel Bisceglia
cast: Bafiokadié Potey, Téné Potey, Nanty Libéria Bani, Dodji N’Dah, N’Tcha Emmanuel Sansamou
producer: Tomas Leyers
production: Coproduction Office, Minds Meet
Polish distributor: Against Gravity
awards: Ghent IFF 2011 – Special Mention
language: French
colouration: colour
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