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Postcards from the Zoo
Kebun binatang
dir. Edwin / Indonesia, Germany, Hong Kong, China 2012 / 95’
subtitles: Polish and English


Ladya Cheryl, Nicholas Saputra, Klarysa Aurelia, Nazyra C. Noer

Film description

Director Edwin takes us around the world of Postcards from the Zoo unhurriedly, like a good host determined to prevent his guests from missing out on the tiniest morsel of the stunning surroundings. He leads us through the expansive and colorful garden, which is far enough from reality to let us suspend logic. Lana lives in this oneiric setting since birth, but still gazes upon it with glittering eyes of curiosity and fascination. Her eyes shine even brighter when she meets a mysterious magician and becomes his assistant. It seems their separate ways will entwine in amorous emotions until the arrival of unexpected guests from the gangster underworld. 

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska

Information about director


Indonesian director Edwin (born in 1980, Surabaya) studied graphic design at the Kristen Petry University and the Jakarta Institute of Arts until he dropped out in 2005. He wrote and directed the short film Kara, anak sebatang pohon – the first Indonesian film ever screened in the Directors’ Fortnight section at Cannes. Edwin’s directorial debut, Bling Pig Who Wants to Fly, won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 2008 Rotterdam IFF. Postcards from the Zoo is his second full-lengh film.

Selected filmography

2005 Kara, anak sebatang pohon (short)

2005 Dajang Soembi, perempoean jang dikawini andjing / Dajang Soembi, the Woman Who Was Married to a Dog (short)

2006 A Very Boring Conversation (short)

2008 Hulahoop Soundings (short)

2008 Babi buta yang ingin terbang / Bling Pig Who Wants to Fly

2012 Pocztówki z zoo / Kebun binatang / Postcards from the Zoo

Prepared by: Urszula Lipińska


director: Edwin
screenplay: Edwin, Daud Sumolang, Titien Wattimena
cinematography: Sidi Saleh
editing: Herman Kumala Panca
music: Dave Lumenta
cast: Ladya Cheryl, Nicholas Saputra, Klarysa Aurelia, Nazyra C. Noer
producer: Meske Taurisia, Kemal Arsjad, Thanassis Karathanos, Karl Baumgartner, Lorna Tee
production: Babibutafilm, Pallas Film
sales: Match Factory
language: Indonesian
colouration: colour
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